Main Programs

We offer Mandarin Chinese programs (include conversation, Singapore math, Olympiad math, English Writing class, Robotic Class, Art classes, an after-school program, and an all-summer program for children ages 4 and up. Our Mandarin Chinese program contains many different levels suited for each child’s needs. They stretch from pre-kindergarten to high school. We limit the size of all classes to under 15 students, in order that each student has more time to interact with his/her teacher.

Chinese Language

The Chinese teaching in our school aims to arouse and develop students’ interest and enthusiasm in Chinese language learning.

Singapore Mathematics

This set of mathematics textbooks comprehensively demonstrates the concepts of mathematics from simple to complex in primary school.

Olympic Math

It is taught by high school students who have participated in the Math Olympiad Contest and achieved good results.

English Writing and Lecture

Taught by a senior and responsible English teacher with many years of teaching experience.


Since Ms. Judy began teaching art classes at our school fourteen years ago, she has been loved by many students and parents.

After-school Classes

Our school began to run after-school classes in 2010. Our teachers are responsible for receiving students from each school to participate in our after-school program.

Summer Classes

Our school started its summer class in 2000 and has lasted for 20 years.

Robotic Class

Build robotics and learn mechanics.

Better Education, Greater Opportunities

Sammamish Chinese School provides opportunities for kids to grow academically, expose to arts and sports, learn essential social skills and have fun.