Singapore Mathematics

新加坡数学:这套数学教材系统,全面地演绎了小学数学从简到繁的数学概念, 是多年来很多家庭学校 ,私立及公立学校积极推荐和采用的教材。我们学校提供周三和周六两节新加坡数学课,由资深的老师授课,并有优秀的高中学生在班里帮助学生答疑解惑,完成作业。

Singapore Mathematics: This set of mathematics textbooks comprehensively demonstrates the concepts of mathematics from simple to complex in primary school. It is a textbook that many homeschools, private and public schools have actively recommended and adopted over the years.  Our school provides two Singapore math classes on Wednesday and Saturday, taught by senior teachers and excellent senior high school students in the class to help students answer questions and complete homework.

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