Chinese Language

中文: 我校的中文教学,以调动,开发和提高学生的中文学习兴趣及积极性为教学宗旨,教学内容侧重基础知识的积累和培养;教学方法采用师生互动,学生间互动,并用游戏,讲故事等丰富多样的教学方式调动和提高学生的学习兴趣。我们的老师,都具有各类教师资格或经历,经验丰富,责任心强,并与时俱进,不断通过各种途径充实和提高教学水平及积累教学经验。

Chinese Language: The Chinese teaching in our school aims to arouse and develop students’ interest and enthusiasm in Chinese language learning.  The teaching content focuses on the accumulation and cultivation of basic knowledge, teaching methods such as the interaction between teachers and students, the interaction between students, and the use of games to tell stories and other rich and diverse teaching methods to stimulate and enhance students’ interest in learning. 

Our teachers are well qualified and experienced in Chinese language teaching.  They have strong sense of responsibility, constantly enrich and improve teaching skills and accumulate teaching experience through various channels. 

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