美术:自从Ms. Judy十四年前开始在我校教授美术课开始,就受到很多学生和家长的喜爱。她的美术教学特点是为学生提供尽可能多的艺术和美术体验,开阔视野,启发想象,大胆尝试,比如:纸浆塑,粉彩画等,这些都是到美术院校后开始修的课。为此Judy老师每次上课都会装卸大量的教学用品,课后还有很多清理工作,增加了工作量,但给学生创造了很多发挥和想象的空间和机会,增添多种实际体验,从而给学生今后在学校里做各种课题所需的美术知识奠定了基础。

Art: Since Ms. Judy began teaching art classes at our school fourteen years ago, she has been loved by many students and parents. Her art teaching is characterized by providing students with as much artistic experience as possible, broadening their horizons and inspiring imagination.  For each class, Ms. Judy will load and unload a large amount of teaching supplies. After class, there will be a lot of cleaning work, which will increase the workload, but her hard working creates a lot of opportunities for students to play and imagine and add a variety of practical experiences, thus laying the foundation for the art knowledge required in their schools in the future.

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